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RUSSO CARLO - Professore Associato

Italian version

Department: Dipartimento: Economia e Giurisprudenza

Scientific Sector: AGR/01

Student reception: Giovedì dalle 12 alle 14

Contact info:
Telefono: 0776/299.3452

  • Teaching Agribusiness (91802)

    Primo anno di MANAGEMENT (LM-77), Scienze Manageriali
    Credits (CFU): 6,00

    Part I: Price transmission in agrifood markets
    - Perfect competition
    - Market power

    Part II: Quality
    - Lancaster model
    - Vertical quality
    - Horizontal quality
    - Asymmetric information

    Reference books:
    Lecture notes

  • Teaching Governance of agri-food value chains (91953)

    Primo anno di Economia e mercati globali (LM-56), Global Economy and Business
    Credits (CFU): 6,00

    Part I: Introduction and scenario.
    • Drivers of the new trends in the Agri-Food System.
    • Technology and the production challenge

    Global trends and future challenges for the work of the organization (FAO)
    The EU Agricultural Outlook (2017-2030)

    Part II: Innovation
    • Technological Innovation
    • Scale and cost barriers
    • The problem of consumer acceptance

    Innovation in modern agricultural input industries
    Functional food. Product development, marketing and consumer acceptance

    Part III: New developments in modern retail and the implications for the Agri-Food Value Chains
    • The emergence of supermarkets
    • Category management: building value through variety
    • Slotting allowances: building value through services
    • New trends in food retailing: e-commerce

    The evolution of the supermarket industry
    The impact of category management on retailer prices and performance
    Slotting allowances and fees
    Trends in e-commerce for the food marketing system

    Part IV: Public intervention in Agriculture: The EU common agricultural policy
    • Origins of the CAP
    • Market intervention: basic mechanisms
    • Market intervention: problems and inefficiencies
    • Decoupled market measures
    • Rural development
    • Limitations of the sectoral approach

    The economic and historical foundations of the common agricultural policy
    Agricultural policy in the EU – an overview
    Overview of the CAP reform 2014-2020
    Exploring multifunctional agriculture

    Part V: Private governance of global value chains
    • Supply chains, value chains in the agrifood systems
    • Types of governance
    • Coordination issue
    • Contracts in agriculture (intro)
    • Agricultural cooperatives
    • Standards

    • The governance of global value chains
    • Strategic choices along the vertical coordination continuum
    • Ten rules of thumb in contract design
    • The future of US cooperatives
    • The impact of private food safety standards on the food chain and on the public standard-setting process

    Part VI: Public governance: the case of unfair trade practices
    • The problem: bargaining power and unfair practices
    • The regulation process: from the green paper to the directive.
    • The economics of unfair trading practices.

    • Structural change in the EU farming (section III only)
    • Report from the Commission to the European Parliament
    • Unfair trading practices in the food supply chain

    Part VII: Applications and case studies
    • Inclusive contract farming

    • Contract farming for inclusive market access (cases to be discussed in class).

    Reference books:
    See syllabus

  • Teaching Economia delle imprese agroalimentari (91796)

    Secondo anno di ECONOMIA AZIENDALE CASSINO - VIA SANT'ANGELO CAMPUS FOLCARA 03043 (L-18), Scienze gestionali e amministrative d'impresa
    Credits (CFU): 6,00

    Part I: trends in the agri-food sector: exogenous factors
    • Social and economic factors
    • Innovation
    • Public intervention

    Part II: trends in the agri-food sector: endogenous factors
    • Consumers
    • Retailers
    • Processors
    • Farmers

    Part III: Agricultural cooperatives

    Reference books:
    Fanfani R. " Il sistema agroalimentare in Italia" Edagricole 2009
    Lecture notes

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2008 Agricultural and Resource Economics (University of California,Davis) 2001 Master of Science in Agricultural Economics (Michigan State University) 1992 BA cum laude in Economics (University of Rome ’La Sapienza’)
Professional experience
Current position and affiliation
Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics
University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy), Department of Economics and Law
National (Italy) exam for full professorship
Passed in 2012 (first session)
Past professional experience
2001-2005 Researcher in Agricultural Economics at the University of Cassino 1993-1999 Accounting Advisor for the Italian Cooperative Confederation
Professional and academic service
Current University and Department service
Deputy Head of the Department Economics and Law, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Member of the Department Board of the Department Economics and Law
Member of the Quality Board of the Department Economics and Law
Member of the Quality Board of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio Member of the Board of the PhD program in Institution, Markets and Behavioral
Sciences, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Member of the Board of the Master program in Management, Department of Economics and Law
Member of the Board of the Master program in Global Economics and Business, Department of Economics and Law

Past University and Department service (selected)
2010-2011 Head of the Department Institutions, Quantitative Methods and Territory, Faculty of Economics, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
2008-2010 Head of the Board of the Master program in Managerial Economics and Finance, Faculty of Economics, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio 2009-2012 Member of the Board of the Doctorate School of Economics, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Teaching experience
Master course Agribusiness, Master program in Management, Department of Eco- nomics and Law. The syllabus focuses on applications of Contract Theory and Industrial Organization for agro-food supply-chain management. The course is offered in Italian.
Master course Global Food Markets, Master program in Global Economics and Busi- ness, Department of Economics and Law. The syllabus focuses on applications of Industrial Organization to issues of global food chains. The course is offered in English and it is designed for international audience.
Undergraduate course Economics of Agro-Food Enterprises, Bachelor program in Managerial Economics, Department of Economics and Law. The syllabus fo- cuses on supply chain management. The course is offered in Italian.
Master course Value Chain Economics at Technical University of Munich
Past teaching experience (selected)
Undergraduate course Agricultural cooperative management, Bachelor program in Environmental and Agro-Food Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Master course Organization of agro-food supply chains, Master program in Business Economics and Law, Department of Economics and Law.
PhD level course Applied Econometrics PhD program in Quantitative Methods for Applied Economics, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio

Research interests My research interests are diverse, with a focus on supply chain management. My areas of expertise concern industrial organization, contract theory and applied econometrics. I worked on several multidisciplinary projects with applied statisticians and management scholars. In particular, my current research topics are:
Competition in agro-food industries. This is my main focus. This field includes studies about market and bargaining power, market power measurement, coun- tervailing power (agricultural cooperatives and producer associations) and unfair trade practices. In general I am interested in understanding how power is ex- erted and how policy-makers can act to protect weak agents such as farmers and small suppliers.
Agricultural policy. My research in this field concerned two main topics: i) un- expected policy outcome due to agents’ market power, and ii) the design and evaluation of rural development policies. I am developing interests in the reg- ulation about consumer information and in the new discipline of unfair trade practices.
Agro-food supply chain management and organization. I have addressed sev- eral issues in this field, including: the role of private standards as coordination devices, the effect on farmers of supermarkets’ pricing strategies, the design of GI institutions and food frauds.
Consumer information. Recently, I have developed an interest in consumer infor- mation as a competitive advantage for agro-food firms. My contribution in this field was the development of a model for competition in prices and information for agro-food firms supplying credence attributes.
Analysis of massive datasets, farm-level data. I had the opportunity to access farm-level data from the last three agricultural censuses (in Italy). My work on such massive datasets included: farm profiling for policy analysis, socio- demographics analysis (gender, education and age structure) of the Italian farm sector and evaluation of the farm-level impact of rural development policies.
Research awards
2012 Outstanding Published Research Award, granted by WAEA (Western Agricul- tural Economics Association, USA)
2011 Quality of Policy Contribution Publication Award, granted by EAAE (Euro- pean Association of Agricultural Economists)

Policy Advising I run several policy advising activities. The most recent projects include:
JRC - Joint Research Centre, European Commission: Advising on Agricul- tural Support Policies under Imperfect Competition
Regione Lazio, Rural Development Plan 2014-20: : I am acting as advisor about: priorities 1 (Innovation), 2 (Competitiveness), and 3 (Supply Chain), financial support program, European Innovation Partnership program
Arsial: (the Lazio’s regional agency for innovation and development) Biodiversity and local supply chains.
Regione Campania: I assisted Local Government authorities in the analysis of Census data

Le migliori cinque pubblicazioni
C. Russo, A. Di Fonzo (2015): Designing Geographical Indication institutions when stakeholders' incentives are not perfectly aligned. British Food Journal,Vol. 117(10): 2484 - 2500
C. Russo (2012): Estimating market power with weak a priori information: An exploratory approach to the model specification problem. Review of Industrial Organization vol. 40(4): 339-354
R. Goodhue, C. Russo (2012). Modeling processor market power and the incidence of agricultural policy: a nonparametric approach. In J. Zivin, J. Perlo_ (editors). The intended and unintended e_ects of U.S. agricultural & biotechnology policies.: 51-81, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago USA ISBN: 9780226988030
C. Russo, R. Goodhue, R.J. Sexton (2011): Agricultural support policies in imperfectly competitive markets: Why market power matters in policy design. American Journal of Agricultural Economics vol. 93(5): 1328-1340
C. Russo, C. Cardillo, M. A. Perito (2003). Product innovation and imperfect competition in the italian fruit-drink industry. The International Food and Agribusi ness Management Review, vol. 6

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