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  • UNICLAM Human Resources Strategy - HRS4R
    The "HR Strategy for Researchers" is a mechanism to support the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (C&C) by research institutions. This would help increasing their attractiveness to researchers that would identify them as a stimulating and favourable working environment. This mechanism is articulated in five main steps, which are: 1) an internal analysis is performed by the research institution to compare institutional practices with the C&C principles, which should involve all key players; 2) the main results of this analysis (planned actions, when, by whom) are made public through a "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers incorporating the Charter & Code"; 3) such HRS4R is acknowledged by the European Commission; 4) the HRS4R is implemented by the institution that through its internal quality assurance mechanism carries out every year a self-assessment; 5) an external evaluation is carried out every 4 years.
  • Action Plan
  • Internal Analysis
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