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ITALIAN APPLICANTS must follow the standard procedure to enroll a Laurea triennale degree. See the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio website for deadlines and requirements.

FOR NON-RESIDENT EU AND NON-EU NATIONALS, the admission procedure and the deadlines are given by the existing immigration rules. Generally, the deadline for delivering pre-enrollment applications to the Italian diplomatic authority in the home country is 30 June. Early applications are strongly encouraged, given that immigration rules require a limited number of non-resident non-EU nationals students to be enrolled in the program yearly. For this reason, non-resident non-EU nationals applications are processed on a first come first served basis.

FOR RESIDENT EU AND NON-EU NATIONALS who live in Italy with a regular work or study permit is 31 August. Early applications are encouraged.

ALL APPLICANTS must hold a High School degree.

If you are interested in our Bachelor of Sciences in Economics  for September 2019 please go to the section ADMISSION 2019-20 to register and to upload the following documents:

High School Degree
Motivation letter
English knowledge certificate (or a certificate attesting you attended classes taught in English)*

After you complete your application, the Selection Committee will start to examine your request and a couple of weeks later you will be notified about whether your application has been accepted.

If you will be accepted, we will send you a letter by email with all the information on the further steps required to apply for a VISA in your local Italian Consulate and successfully enroll in our program. In the meantime, we will also send to your local Italian Consulate, the required documentation.
Around the end of June, the accepted students will receive the official answer from the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. By the end of August, the accepted students must arrive in Italy in order to complete the enrollment procedure and attend the preparatory courses.

If you need help, please write to:
or contact the Program’s secretary Monica Fragnoli:

*Knowledge of Italian language is not required

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