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Prof. Jane Marie Gherghetta


Prerequisites: level B2 Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Contents: grammar, specialized vocabulary, functional language, cultural awareness

The main topics to be discussed in the course include:

Human Resources, Organisations, Change, Governance, Start-ups, Resources, Power, E-Marketing, Risk, Misconduct, Development

Required textbook:

Intelligent Business Advanced Coursebook; Trappe T.,Tullis G., Pearson-Longman, Essex

Main Objectives:

Enable learners to:

consolidate and enhance all 4 language skills
enrich knowledge of specialized vocabulary
communicate clearly and effectively in an English-speaking work and academic context
acquire linguistic competency at level C1: effective operational proficiency (CEFR)

Teaching and examination methods:

The lessons will be organized around various thematic units taken from Intelligent Business Advanced Coursebook and other authentic sources such as newspapers, specialized journals and the Internet. Students will focus on the 4 language skills through a wide range of activities such as role-play, case study and practical exercises in the context of economics, business and social issues. Classes will be student-centred in order to advance learning, develop confidence in using L2 and improve overall language usage.

Final examination: ORAL

The examination consists in:

• a multimedia presentation & discussion

• a conversation based on topics dealt with during the course

• answers to specific questions on the coursebook units (Intelligent Business Advanced)

Assessment criteria - Pass mark: 18 +___/30

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