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Prof. Marcello De Rosa


Prerequisites: None


The course aims at providing the key tools for the analysis of entrepreneurial strategies in rural areas, through theoretical, empirical and methodological understanding of place-based development processes. After some basic concepts concerning endogenous rural development, the course focuses on creative activities in rural areas, centered on multifunctional agriculture. Particular emphasis will be given to products with geographical indication, as tools to support rural development processes. Finally, recent rural development policies to sustain competitiveness and diversification of economics in rural areas will be analyzed.


I part: rural development economics

- Diagnosis of a rural territory

The rural web as a theoretical tool to explain integrated rural development
Modern rurality: what does it mean?
II part: Multifunctional agriculture and novelty production

- Novelty production and nested markets in rural areas

Strategies of qualification and valorization of agricultural products
The role of geographical indication in fostering rural development
Marketing GI products
III part: Rural development policies (Rdp) of the European Union

- Entrepreneurship and access to rural development policy

The new rural paradigm and Rdp
The strategic approach in the programming period 2007-2013
The new season of Rdp: 2014-2020
The decision of “consuming” Rdp as the exit of entrepreneurial behavior
Learning outcomes

Students attending the course are expected to be able to:

- Make a rigorous diagnosis of integrated rural development models;

- Apply alternative methods of valorization and qualification of agrofood products in rural areas;

- Know financial tools for sustaining rural entrepreneurship.

Teaching and examination methods

- Lectures, class discussion. Oral and written examination.

Textbooks and readings

Part I and II

1. Van der Ploeg J.D., Marsden T. (2008); Unfolding webs. The dynamics of regional rural development, van Gorcum Assen – ch. 1-5

2. Belletti G., Marescotti A., Brunori G. (2002); Individual and collective levels in multifunctional agriculture, paper presented at the Syal conference, Montpellier

3. McElwee G. (2005); The enterprising farmer: a review of entrepreneurship in agriculture

4. FAO (2009) – Linking people, places and products – ch. 1-3, Rome, FAO.

Part III

1. CE Fact Sheet: EU rural development policy 2007–2013. European Commission, 2008.

2. The EU rural development policy: facing the challenges. European Commission, 2008

3. Further readings will be provided during the course

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