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Prof. Edoardo Ales

Course formative objectives

The course is aimed at providing students with the needed knowledge and understanding of EU Labour Law and Policies.


Good reasoning capacity and personal attitude towards legal studies. In order to facilitate students who have no adequate knowledge of EU Law, each subject will dealt with making reference to its basics.

Course contents

The course will deal with EU Labour Law and Social Policy.

1: The Evolution of EU 'Social' Policy

2: Law-making in the Field of Social Policy

3: The Employment Title and the Lisbon Strategy

4: Free Movement of (Economically Active) Persons and the Limitations on Free Movement

5: Labour Law and the Internal Market

6: Equality Law: An Introduction

7: Equal Pay

8: Equal Treatment

9: Family Friendly Policies

10: Equal Treatment in Respect of Social Security and Pensions

11: Atypical work

12: Health and Safety

13: Working Conditions

14: Transfers of Undertakings

15: Collective Redundancies and Employees' Rights on the Employer's Insolvency

16: Worker Involvement in Decision-Making

17: Freedom of Association, Collective Bargaining, and Collective Action

Reference Book

C. Barnard, EU Employment Law, Fourth Edition, Oxford University Press, 2012

Edoardo Ales is full professor of Trade Union and Labour Law at the Department of Economics and Law at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. He is member of the scientific committee and national expert for Italy of the European Labour Law Network (ELLN). He is also member of the European Working group on Labour Law (EWL). He has been Dean of the former Law Faculty.

He as just edited the book “Health and Safety at work: European and Comparative Perspective” Kluwer international 2013.

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