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Prof. Renato Salvatore


Descriptive statistics, inference, calculus, matrix algebra.


Introduction to survey methods: data collection, sampling design, analysis of the survey data, estimation of survey variables, estimation in domains of interest;
Quantitative market research techniques: univariate and multivariate linear regression, Anova, Manova, Mancova, univariate and multivariate linear mixed models, multilevel models, non-linear mixed models, factor analysis, cluster analysis;
The assessment of the data from a market research perspective: case studies.


The course brings together statistical theory and applications, exploring the market in deep. In particular, the focus is on the connections between the market characteristics and the customer choices.


Mooi, E., Sarstedt, M., A Concise Guide to Market Research, Springer, 2011

Teaching and examination methods:

Theory classes and lab sessions. The exam is based on a computer work and an oral discussion.

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