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The Economics and Entrepreneurship Master program is aimed at preparing students to work in an international environment that requires creativity and innovative behavior and to run their own business.

Core courses cover Economics and Statistics for Business, Managerial Accounting and Finance, Law, Economics of Entrepreneurship. The many elective courses focus on the entrepreneurial talent.


Within two years, students are required to obtain 120 ECTS credits. During the second year, students are invited to join an internship within firms in order to gain practical experience of the job market. A Master thesis concludes the program.


Candidates with a Laurea Triennale (BA)  or equivalent in Economics, Law, Statistics, Political Science. Candidacies with different backgrounds will be evaluated by the Admission Committee and will be admitted considering the ECTS in relevant disciplines acquired in previous courses.

Career opportunities

Start your own business, work as an effective manager in any economic organization oriented to innovation. Work in a public institution, in a consultancy or in a research centre.

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