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Total Quality Management

Present position:

Professor of Total Quality Management and Institutions of Economics at the Department of Economics and Law, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.
Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Rome 'La Sapienza'.
Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Economics 'Federico Caffè', University of RomaTre.
Adjunct Professor at the State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC) of Saint Petersburg, Russia, as a part of the common 'double diploma' program between FINEC and 'Sapienza' universities.


Research interest: The fundamental scientific interests of Lucio Cappelli are concentrated on the following three principal research areas, all concerning the Total Quality Management large matter:

I) the theoretical study and the practical application of the "excellence models", especially with reference to the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and CAF (Common Assessment Framework) models;

II) the study, the developing and the testing of models for the Customer Satisfaction surveys, with particular reference to the public sector;

III) studies on specific sectors, such as tourism, and surveys on specific topics of interest, always related to the TQM topic.

In all of these research fields, relevant results in terms of publications have been obtained.

Awards/Scientific Positions:

Memberships/Refereeing for Journals:

Benchmarking: an International Journal
Journal of Commodity Science, Technology and Quality


Main Publications:

L. Cappelli, E. Chiacchierini, M.F. Renzi (2012). Qualità. In: E. Chiacchierini. Tecnologia e Produzione. p. 291-334, PADOVA:CEDAM EDITORE, ISBN: 9788813299859

L. Cappelli, R. Guglielmetti, G. Mattia, R. Merli, M.F. Renzi (2011). Introduction to the customer satisfaction process oriented model (CS ProMod). FORUM WARE INTERNATIONAL, vol. 1/2011, p. 51-57, ISSN: 1810-7028

L. Cappelli, R. Guglielmetti, G. Mattia, R. Merli, M.F. Renzi: Peer evaluation to develod benchmarking in the public sector. “Benchmarking: an International Journal, Vol.18, Issue 4, 2011 ISSN 1463-5771.

L. Cappelli, R. Guglielmetti, G. Mattia, R. Merli, MF. Renzi: Testing a customer satisfaction model for online services. “International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences”, Vol.3, n.1, 2011, pp. 267-284, ISSN: 1756-669X, doi: 10.1108/17566691111115090.

L. Cappelli, R. Guglielmetti, G. Mattia, R. Merli, MF. Renzi: Statistical techniques for continuous improvement: a citizen's satisfaction survey. “THE TQM JOURNAL”, vol.22 n.3, 2010, pp. 267-284, ISSN: 1754-2731, doi: 10.1108/17542731011035514

L. Cappelli, MF. Renzi: Management della qualità, CEDAM, ISBN 978-88-13-29973-6, Feb. 2010.

L. Cappelli, R. Guglielmetti, G. Mattia, R. Merli, MF. Renzi: The experimental phase of a general Customer Satisfaction management model for online services supplied by public administrations: methodology and outcomes, proceedings of the International Conference “Quality and Service Sciences”, Verona, 27-29 agosto 2009.

L. Cappelli, A. Pisano: A territorial integration approach for the quality of the tourist offer: the SLOT model, su “Journal of Commodity Science, Technology and Quality”, Dec. 2008.

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