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Research Methods in Management

Present position: Assistant professor (with tenure) of Statistics at the Department of Economics and Law, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

Education: PhD in Computational statistics and applications.

Research interest: Multivariate data analysis, structural equation models, composite indicators.

Awards/Scientific Positions:

Memberships/Refereeing for Journals:


Main Publications:

[1] Business investment tax credits and innovation: some recent experiences in Italy. Impresa Ambiente Management, ISSN:1972-2036 1- 7, (con V. Parisi, F. Oropallo), 2011

[2] The movement's influence on the development of divergent thinking and self-esteem of the child, Journal Of Sports Medicine And Physical Fitness, ISSN:0022-4707, 49- 49, (con M. Valentini, G. Troiano), 2011

[3] On the Italian ACE and its impact on enterprise performance: a PLS Path Modeling analysis,International Journal of Microsimulation, ISSN: 1747-5864, (con Parisi V., Oropallo F.), 2010

[4] Structural Equation Models and students Evaluation of Teaching: a PLS Path Modeling Study, In: Attanasio M, Capursi V. eds, Statistical Methods for the Evaluation of University Systems, ISBN/ISSN: 9783790823745 Springer-Verlag (con Trinchera L.), 2010

[5] Preliminary Proposal of a SEM Activity Index for FLOSS Development Projects, Impresa, Ambiente, Management, IV, ISSN: 1972-2036 (con Bolici F.), 2010

[6] On the Italian ACE and its impact on enterprise perfomance: a microsimulation study, Working paper SIEP (con Parisi V., Oropallo F.), 2009

[7] The post partum period and the onset of Graves’ disease: an overestimated risk factor,European Journal of Endocrinology, ISSN: 0804-4643/, 159, pp. 161-165 (con Rotondi M., Pirali B., Lodigiani S., Bray S., Leporati P., Chytiris S., Magri F., Chiovato L.), 2008.

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