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Prof. Edward Palmer (Uppsala University)

Prof. Sergio Nisticò



The course offers the essential notions needed to comprehend how to address one fundamental problem in contemporary economic systems: the cost of social security under adverse demographic and economic conditions.

In particular, the course focuses on the one hand to the basics of pension economics and, on the other hand, to the recent pension reforms that are being implemented throughout the world under the supervision of the World Bank.


Prof. Edward Palmer

Lectures to be scheduled between February 20th and March 3rd, 2017

1. Demographics and welfare systems

2. The importance of financial stability of welfare programs

3. Family policy in the context of fertility of the labor force

4. Immigration and pensions

Prof. Sergio Nisticò

 5. The present demographic trend

6.   Financing pension systems: funding vs pay-as-you-go

7.   Reacting to demographic or economic shocks: defined-benefit vs defined contributions strategies

8. The generational rate of return of workers’ social security contributions

9. The possible inequality of individual implicit rates of return within or across different generations

10.  The implicit debt of pay-as-you-go schemes

11.      The essential properties of funded pension systems

12.      Mimicking funded pension systems with pay-as-you-go financing: the NDC model  

13.      The NDC canonical model and the sustainable rate of return  

14.      The adjustment rate and ‘vintage pensions’

15.      Implementing the NDC model: the Italian and the Swedish reforms of the ‘90s.

16. Social security throughout the world


The didactic materials will be provided in class.

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