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Steps to follow:

1) Register at the Universitaly portal

2) Enter Universitaly portal and fill in the “pre-enrolment application”:

Be careful to select:
the academic year 2021/2022;
the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio;
the Master level of study;
either the Master Program in Global Economy and Business or the Master Program in Economics and Entrepreneurship (you cannot apply for both).

3) Submit the application for the pre-enrollment (documents must be either/or in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian) and for visa, 


    a) We will receive an automatic email from the Universitaly website informing us that you applied for the pre-enrollment.

    b) We will check all the information you filled in and we will validate your request.

    c) You and the Embassy will be automatically informed about our validation by email.

4) Once you received our validation, download the pdf file with the summary of your pre-application and submit it to your Italian Embassy/Consulate to apply for the visa (look at the Embassy website for the documents required for the visa application)


     e) The Embassy/Consulate will evaluate your visa request.

     d) You and us will be informed by the Embassy through the Universitaly portal about the issuing or the refusal of your visa.

For info about the registration process, email

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