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Erasmus+ 2020/21 - Student mobility for traineeship

A new CALL is now available, with deadline January 15th 2021.

To apply on-line read carefully the instructions in the call and send:

a) copy of your ID card;
b) copy of your codice fiscale;
c) language certification;
d) learning agreement for traineeship (duly signed).

Please, contact the International Office for details and support.

Temporary account for students waiting for the visa

Students admitted on Universitaly and waiting for the visa for study can have a temporary Unicas account in order to attend online classes. Please, follow these instructions:

1) Register on clicking on “Non sei registrato? Registrati ora”, then writing your personal data, flagging “sono uno straniero e non ho codice fiscale”, choosing your password and accepting the privacy condition.

2) You will receive the keywords by email. Click on the link to complete and then enter again the system to enroll.

3) In your personal page click on "Enrolment" (Iscrizione), then on Degree, then on Matriculation and proceed with “corsi di lauree magistrali”, chose “Global Economy and Business - classe LM56” and click on the red box "Immatricolazione", flag "Immatricolazione" again.

4) In this page, fill in the DETAILS OF THE TITLE OF STUDY  clicking on the pencil on the right, so write all the information about your High School and upload the corresponding files.

5) If you are "suitable" or "winner" for the LAZIODISCO scholarship, go back to the previous page and flag the white box on the left in the menu EVENTUALI ESONERI CHE POSSONO ESSERE RICHIESTI.

6) Proceed with the enrolment (procedi con l'immatricolazione) and, after the resume, click on "procedi con l'immatricolazione" again.

Now, in the Home page, look for the TUITION FEES (Tasse e contributi) menu and in "tuition-fees: up-coming rates" you can see how much and how to pay.

After the payment, you will be a Unicas student and can attend online lessons.

Don’t worry if you cannot see the payment amount these days: even if you don’t pay for a while, you will be able to attend online lessons anyway! You will receive an advertisement to do it!

We will confirm your enrolment after you get the visa!

You may ask Senior Students support for the enrolment procedure at /siti/centri-di-servizio-di-ateneo/cuori-centro-universitario-per-orientamento.aspx



Here we go! Academic year 2020-21 is just around the corner!

Classes will start on Monday, September 21 2020, see the weekly lectures timetable.


Due to the COVID-19 emergency, 70% of lectures of each course will be held face-to-face and 30% in streaming (go to this page to obtain the access codes of your classes).

It is necessary to register on GOMP if you want to attend face-to-face classes (see the TUTORIAL in Italian).

100 proposte per la vita che verrà”
25-27 settembre 2020

Get info and instrucions to apply at Fellows are available. Deadline July 10

Grants at the Unicas International Relations Office

New positions to support the promotion and information of the International Relations Office are available! Visit the website to see the call and the application form. Deadline July 7!

Online Summer School at the Samara National Research University in Russia

Join the online summer schools for an intensive study and research program!

Online seminars, workshops, visit laboratories and industrial plants, together with a rich cultural program, will provide participants with an exceptional experience of Russian traditions and a total feeling of presence in Russia.

It will also be the opportunity to get in touch with our partner university in a Dual Degree program!

Visit the website and apply now, the deadline is June 10, 2020!

Erasmus+ 2020/21 - Student mobility

The new CALL is now available, with deadline April 16th at noon. Apply!

Due to the current epidemiological emergency, this year the selection will not be based on an interview, but you have to attach a motivation letter to the application.

To download the application form go to the International Office webpage, and read here a synthesis of the call in English and in Italian.

March 10th 2020 - Coronavirus emergency

Letter from the Rector to all the academic community - Measures for the prevention and management of the Covid-19 Epidemiological Emergency

Orienting and Tutoring Service (SOT)

26 positions for tutoring and orienting new/future Unicas students are available!

Download the call (in Italian)- Deadline: March 3rd 2020

A special thank to our tutor student Maja Bozic for her introduction to the Welcome Day for the 2017-18 academic year.

Welcome Day 1Welcome Day 2

News from Erasmus Programme 2017-18

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A few moments of our wonderful Happy Christmas Lunch

Buon -Natale -4_articolo (1) Buon -Natale -3_articolo

Classes started on Monday September 21st.

2020-2021 first semester classes are available at:

In order for you to get on-line classes codes go to:

Homepage motore di ricerca codici Google Meet / Google Meet search engine home page 


Access to on-line classes for students waiting for the visa

Students admitted on Universitaly and waiting for the visa for study can have a temporary Unicas account in order to attend online classes.

Please, follow these instructions!