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What is an internship?

Internship is an experience aimed at introducing students to work or research within a public or private organization. It offers students the opportunity to observe and understand the labour market, and to put into practice skills and knowledge acquired during their training.

Internship activities are supervised by both an academic tutor and a mentor from the hosting institution, and are held according to a predefined internship program.

An Internship held in an international context is mandatory for GLEB students. It must last at least 250 hours and it will count for 10 credits.

Rules for earning credits

In order to get the 10 credits in their study plan, once the internship experience has been concluded,

1)      Students must:

  1. submit an internship report (in Word format) to the program secretary, according to the Guidelines available on-line;
  2. fill in the student internship evaluation questionnaire.

2)      The organization who hosted the internship must:

  1. fill in the organization internship evaluation questionnaire (the institution is contacted directly by the University)

3)      The program Board must:

  1. approve the student internship report.

Internship Grants

Internships in other EU or EU-Partner countries can be funded through the EU Erasmus+ program. Calls are published by Unicas once (in Spring) or twice (in Spring and Autumn) a year, depending on the funds available.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their application. Be aware that (a) there is no guarantee that funds are available for all the students who apply; (b) preferred applications come from students with a good transcript of records (both in terms of number of credits earned and average GPA achieved) and who present a high quality internship project (where also the hosting organization matters).

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