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The Epoka University (Tirana, Albania) is a very innovative institution located on a smart campus near Tirana.

Unicas students enrolled in the Dual Degree with Epoka University spend the first year in Cassino and the second year in Tirana. At the end, they earn the Master's Degree in "Business Admnistration" from Epoka and the Master's Degree in "Global Economy and Business" fron Unicas.

If you are interested in this program, please read carefully the Agreement between Unicas and Epoka.

Study Plan

Click here if you are an Epoka student.

1st Year (60 Credits) - Unicas  ECTS
Business Law      9 (4+5)
Applied Statistics     12
International Economics and Globalization      9
Economics     12
Human Resources Management      6
Service Management      9
Soft skills      3
2nd Year (60 Credits) - Epoka  ECTS
Academic Reading and Writing      7
Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship      8
Business Ethics      7
International Business      8
Internship     10
Master Thesis     20
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