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The creation of a new space for research and critical confrontation among scholars of different background and scientific interests, but having as a common object of study the ancient, medieval and humanistic books, corresponds to the necessity of connecting, in a close and not episodic comparison, ideas, interests, methodological approaches, various but complementary perspectives of research.

The very complex nature of manuscript books — based on a close interaction of texts, writings, materials and manufacturing techniques, the study of which engages such specialised disciplines as palaeography, codicology, history of illumination, philology and textual criticism — calls for a close collaboration among scholars on the various themes of enquiry, on methodological procedure and on the evaluation of research data and results.

It has therefore become apparent that Italian and international specialists of all ages and academic role have a urgent need for a workshop in which to experiment new ways of approaching ancient texts and their material realisation, and which will facilitate a real and profitable exchange of ideas among colleagues.

The University of Cassino, and specifically its Department's of “Philology and History” highly specialised team of scholars in the field of text and manuscript studies, has already acquired considerable experience in the promotion of cultural initiatives such as exhibitions, congresses, catalogues, bibliographies, multimedia products. Moreover, a research doctorate in the field of text and manuscript studies has recently been promoted and financed by the Department, so that a new generation of scholars may participate in the interaction among the areas of study relating to ancient books. For all this reasons, the Department offers itself as the ideal candidate to promote a new academic journal dedicated to the study of manuscripts and written culture.

According to the above mentioned requirements, the new journal aims to comply with the following objectives: to be opened to scientific contributions concerning greek and Latin book culture (but also including comparative graphic-textual studies on manuscripts of various cultural and linguistic origin); to cover the period from ancient Greece and Rome through to the era of Western and Byzantine humanism; to deal with the following areas of enquiry: manufacturing techniques and materials used in manuscript production, handwritings, customs related to reading, the production circulation and transmission of written culture, text tradition, illumination; to fester intermethodological exchange among scholars in the various fields relating to the study of manuscripts.

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