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Grants for Unicas students to support international activities 2020

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio opens positions to support the promotion and information of the international activities of the International Relations Office.

May apply any Unicas student enrolled at Unicas in academic year 2019-2020 in respect of minimum credits to be eligible:

- at least 80 credits by 20.02.2020 if enrolled at the second or following years;
- at least 25 credits by 20.02.2020 if enrolled at the first year.

Grants will be awarde  fo thr top 4 positions. Beneficiaries will receive a grant of euro 525,00 each for 50 hours of activity by January 2020.

How to Submit
Fill the application form and send it to by 7 luglio 2020.

to define (googlemeet)

Please read the call below.

Bando - Call for proposal

Annex al Bando

DR Emanazione del bando - 

Application form

DR Commissione di selezione - Committee

DR Graduatoria - List of beneficiaries

The Office will send to the beneficiaries an email to communicate the date of the first meeting.


Grants for travel support for international mobility (2018-2019)

UNICAS gives the possibility to the students attending joint or double degrees to receive support for travel expenses for the mobilities abroad during the study carrier.

Students may apply for travel support only if they carried out the international mobility in a different country from their residence in the a. y. 2018-2019 and earn university credits during the mobility.

Minumum point to reach to be elegible: 40/100.


Maximum Points

number of credits gained during the mobility


Everage mark of the exams passed during the mobility


How to Submit

Fill the application form and send it by 21 November 2019.

Rector Decree for the Call for proposal

Application form

Rectoral Decree Selection Committee

Rectoral Decree - List of beneficiaries

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