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Photo Exchange your mind... #ErasmusUnicas

Within the #Erasmusdays 2019, UNICAS organizes #ErasmusUnicas on October 10!!!!

The Erasmus+ exchange mobility program is a great opportunity for all students wishing to study abroad. Not just a label, but a true experience which turns out in a different approach to the entire life!

#Erasmusdays2019 in Cassino will initiate the 2019-20 Erasmus incoming and outgoing students to their mobility program. During the day, students will meet Senior Erasmus students, professors and administrative staff which will bring their personal view on a story they will live in the near future.

The Cassino Erasmus Generation Association will help us to live a linguistic “tandem”; all together we will sing the Italian Anthem, and we will celebrate the new Erasmus Year with the help of a taste of some superb Italian Appetizers.

#ErasmusUnicas is now online  here  

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