Creativity and Motivations Economic Research Center
  • DIPEG - CreaM

  • Viale dell'Università - Rettorato 03043 Cassino (FR)
  • 0776 2994670
  • Scientific Coordinator: Sergio Nisticò. We are at the 4th floor of the Folcara Building, room 4.07

Creativity and Motivations Economic Research Center


CreaM is an economic centre for theoretical and applied research at the University of Cassino and Southern lazio, Department of Economics and Law. Its focus is on the economic and extra-economic motivations of choices, with particular reference to those choices that are linked to the consumption and production of creative goods and activities.

The Centre does historical research, develops interpretative models and provides empirical support for the study of different topics such as:

  • Consumption of creative and cultural goods;
  • Time use and consumption choices;
  • Relationship between income and well-being;
  • Public and industrial policy;
  • Urban and human development.

The Centre is engaged in the following activities:

  • establishing relationships with other scientific and cultural institutions;
  • organizing conferences and seminars;
  • coordinating national and international scientific research;
  • producing and diffusing scientific publication;
  • offering consulting services and research data to private and public institutions.

Particular attention will be devoted to collaboration with local firms and institutions. Empirical research and data collection on education systems and labor markets will be realized in collaboration with the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio .