(Resolution of Department Council of 02/12/2015)

  •  Exam booking is mandatory and has to be done online through GOMP by 3 days before the exam date (in case of written and oral exam, you have to consider the written exam date for exam booking): Home > Career > Exam session Reservation;
  • In case of exams booking problems, you have to contact the Information and Advisory Office . in the business days before the exam's booking deadline.
  • Students without a regular exam booked in GOMP cannot sit exams.
  • Exams will be done exclusively face-to-face at Campus Folcara in Cassino and you have to show your original passport (no screenshots or pics or photocopies are allowed);
  • The exams dates and time could change, so you better check constantly both the exams timetables, posted on the website, and the GOMP booking done in your account.


  • Never buy a flight ticket during the exam sessions, since the exam dates can change. If you buy a flight ticket and then you lose the chance to sit the exams moved to other dates, this will be exclusively under your personal responsibility;
  • The exams marks and credits are never uploaded automatically, the upload is exclusively done with the presence of the student at the university with his/her GOMP booking and original passport at hand. For instance, if you pass a midterm exam without booking through GOMP the official date during the exam sessions and without coming at university on that date, you won't have the mark/credits uploaded to your GOMP. 

 Economic Courses EXAMS TIMETABLES

N.B. Contact Information and Advisory Office if issue