...upon arriving in Italy...


The International Welcome Service supports International Students, Professors, Staff and Researchers with the bureaucratic procedures that they need to complete upon arriving in Italy

- Professors, Staff and Researchers skip the enrollment step -






3.1 Apply for the CODICE FISCALE in Agenzia delle Entrate (Via Ausonia Vecchia, Cassino)

3.2 Register in GOMP

3.3 Reach the International Welcome Service in Rettorato in Viale dell'Università, Loc. Folcara – 03043 Cassino (FR) according to the office hours

      3.3.1 International extra-UE students have to show to the Service the following documents: passport with the visa for study and the arrival stamp in Italy (or a valid permit to stay); the Declaration of Value (Statement of Comparability together with the Statement of Verification - both issued by CIMEA - are accepted in the place of the DOV)

      3.3.2 International UE students have to show to the Service: passport or ID; academic documents

      3.3.3 Wait for the “nulla osta for international students” issued in GOMP to proceed

3.4 Reach the International Students Administrative Office to enroll, to have information in regards to the tuition fees, to have the enrollment certificate and the student card

3.5 Reach the Didactics Office of your Department for the Timetable, the Study Plan, etc.



Codice Fiscale


In order to be registered, students will have to apply for the Codice Fiscale, an Italian official identification number, to the following office:
Agenzia delle Entrate,Via Ausonia vecchia, Cassino.
The office is open every day from 8.30 am to 12.30 am and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 02.15 pm to 03.15 pm.

Necessary documents to apply for the codice fiscale are: ID or a valid passport and the visa (only for extra-UE).



Permesso di Soggiorno


If you are a non-EU national and you're going to stay in Italy for a period exceeding three months (90 days), you must apply for a residence permit in 8 days from your arrival in Italy (see the date stamped in your passport).


To apply for the residence permit you need to follow these steps:

  1. The Application form is available at any Post Office in Cassino. Go and ask for the “residence permit kit”.

  2. Then, go to “C.A.F.” (there are many in Cassino) book the appointment and an officer will help you to fill in all forms in the kit free of charge.

  3. So, go to the Post Office again and send  the “residence permit kit”. Together with the receipt of the payment you receive the appointment with the Immigration Office in Cassino.

After the tuition fees payment, you may ask the Enrollment Certificate to the International Students Administrative Office that justifies your request for the residence permit, it has to be delivered to the Immigration Office in Cassino when you go there for the finger prints appointment.

Other documents will be required directly by the Immigration Office.



Assistenza Sanitaria Nazionale (SSN)


If you are an EU citizen, the European Health Card (European Health Insurance Card - EHIC) - commonly called “tessera sanitaria” in Italy - grants services under the same conditions as the Italian National Health Service patients, in a direct form: patients should not anticipate the costs, it is just required to pay a ticket.

If you are a non-EU citizen, it is strongly suggested to register to the National Health Service (SSN) after paying the annual subscription of € 149.77 at the Local ASL (Local Health Office in Cassino is “Ex Inam” in via G. De Bosis). Read more on the booklet "InformaSalute" made by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and with the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty, available in multiple languages. The European health insurance card entitle to the following benefits:

• a family doctor or pediatrician
• free hospital stay at public hospitals and affiliated
• pharmaceutical care
• general medical outpatient
• specialist medical examinations
• medical exams at home
• vaccinations
• Blood tests
• X-rays
• ultrasound
• medicines
• rehabilitation assistance and prosthesis
• other benefits provided at the basic levels of care

Here are the procedures that EU citizens and non-EU must follow to register for the National Health System (SSN):


Documents to submit at ASL


EU Students

- E106 model available at ASL

- Certificate of Attendance of the study course/ professional course

- ID card/ Passport

Maximum one year

Non - EU Students

- Passport (with visa entry for study reasons) 

- Permit to stay (or postal receipt stating the request for the residence permit or stay permit)

- Receipt of payment of the contribution of € 149.77 (available in any Post Office)

Up to December 31th of the current year or up to the expiry of the stay permit

Further information on how to have an overview of health care in Italy or as regards the requirements that regulate access can be found at https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/health/index_en.htm (EU citizens) and at https://www.salute.gov.it/portale/cureUE/homeCureUE.jsp (EU and non-EU citizens).



Supporto Disabilità ed Inclusione