Foreign students

Find a company for internship abroad

To contact a company abroad it is possible to search inside the Unicas database. Instructions follow:

1) Go to the page Convenzioni/Agreements

2) Click on the link "Elenco convenzioni con Unicas (excel)"

2) Save the xslx file

3) Open the file

4) Filter the column 'F' on 'internship agreement'

5) Choose the foreign company

LINK to the page Convenzioni/Agreements

For students


Find a company for internship in ITALY

To do the curricular internship of your study plan, you need:
• A hosting enterprise
• An academic tutor
• A tutor in the enterprise
Foreign students who speak fluent English, but not fluent Italian, can do their internship in Italy or abroad.
Follow the instructions below to consult a list of Italian or foreign enterprises offering internships for foreign students:
1. Consult this page LINK 
You will find the abbreviations *FS* or *FOR* before the names of the enterprises. FS indicates the Italian enterprises which will accept Foreign Students who do not speak fluent Italian. *FOR* indicates foreign enterprises.
2. Contact the enterprise submitting your application and ask if there are internships available in the period of time that is most suitable for you, and what internship projects the enterprise is interested in (business, services, customer care etc.)
3. Once you got an answer from the enterprise and you know about the opportunities you have,discuss it with your academic tutor. If your tutor approves it, ask them to send an email containing a possible research project for that enterprise to request the internship.


New agreement between foreign/italian company and Unicas 

If you do not get any answer from companies in the list or you don't find a suitable enterprise in the list, you can propose an Italian or foreign enterprise that is available to host you. Please, share the following procedures with the company:
For Italian company send this LINK
For foreign enterprise consult this LINK.
The timing to implement a new agreement depends on the enterprise. Usually, it takes 5-7 working days from the moment the documents are submitted.

Students do not need to send documentation of the internship agreement between the company and the university.


Job Opportunities

Companies post their job and internship vacancies on our bulletin board. You can apply with just a few clicks using the CV already in the database. Click here

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Transversal skills

Unicas offers students and recent graduates numerous opportunities to develop transversal skills.

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